Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Small victories

What a roller coaster today has been!

Day 3 of the 6 day cutting plan was off to an ok start.
I had to get up to pee twice in the night and once again at 7:00am. But I had steak for breakfast, so it's not all bad.

The most positive thing I've felt today is that the sugar / chocolate cravings are subsiding. Cravings haven't gone yet, but it's much more bearable.

Breakfast at 9:00am was 150g steak, 2 mushrooms and a Super Protein Shake.
Water consumption started just before 9:00am - I want to get the full amount in me without filling my bladder at 11:00pm again.

I'm teaching today so before going out I'll do a workout at home:
- 3 sets of 10 pull ups
- 3 sets of 10 push ups
- 3 sets of 6, bicep curl @ 17kg per arm
- 3 sets of 10 bent over row @ 17kg per arm

Lunch was 3 egg omelette with 75g ham and 5 lettuce leaves.

At 1:30 I went out to teach, around this time I started to develop a pounding headache (which made teaching 14yr olds a lot of fun!). At 3:30pm I headed home from teaching, the headache was still there and I had now developed mild heartburn.
I felt pretty rough at this point so decided to take some additional salts on board (I must be fairly diluted at this point).
At 4:00pm I took 5g of sodium hydrogen carbonate (Andrews salts) and 5g of Magnesium Hydroxide (Milk of Magnesia).

Mid-Afternoon snack at 4:30 Super Protein Shake & an avocado.
I'm still not quite up to 10litres at this point. Need to drink more quickly!

I went on to feel incredibly tired and the headache remained. Worried at this point about potential damage I could be doing to myself.

Dinner at 5:30pm was 2 haddock fillets, 75g boiled beetroot & 4 lettuce leaves.

After dinner I took another 5g of sodium hydrogen carbonate and ground some sea salt into the water bottle I was drinking from.

At 7:00pm I had a PT client at mi-gym but fortunately was starting to feel better.
At the gym I bought a bottle of Vita-Coco and drank it straight away (more potassium).

By the start of my 8:30pm class I didn't just feel back to normal I felt full of energy.
Clearly I'd diluted myself to the point where my body was in dire need of salts and electrolytes - lesson learned!
Salts and electrolytes are a MUST!
I've stocked up on Andrews and Dioralyte (rehydration sachets) to get through tomorrow.

Finally, here's the progress so far.
It seems as though cutting the carbs and water loading has had an effect on retained water, let's see what happens after 'drying out'
Slight increase in definition in just 3 days!
Once Thursday is out of the way I can start eating carbs again. BRING IT ON!

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