Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Dani Studio Shoot

Another studio shoot this week, very different from the last one.
I had done a very 'male' shoot last week with harsh lighting that produced images with a little 'punch'.
So this week I wanted to shoot a much more feminine subject and produce images that were much softer in tone.

Once again this was a 3 light setup, one softbox to the left of the image (300w set to 1/2 power), one lamp with a reflective umbrella to the right of the image (300w set to 1/3 power) - both lamps in front of the model, pointing back towards the backdrop.
The third lamp was behind the model and off to the right of the image (300w at 1/3 power). This was to add light to the side of her and add the highlight and 'halo' to her.

The images where she is laying down was a 2 lamp setup. One softbox set high and slightly to the right of the image, pointing down above her head. The other used a reflective umbrella and was at her feet, slightly off to the right with the light aimed up her body. This was a great way to avoid shadows under the eyes. For these shots both lights were 300w lamps set to 1/2 power.

Big thanks to Dani for putting up with me giving orders and getting herself into all the requested poses.

I set out to produce images that were a stark contrast to the shoot last week, I like to think I succeeded in that.

Here's my favourite images from the shoot:

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