Thursday, 21 February 2013

Who the hell is Brad Wendes?

Brad Wendes

Here's a little background on the author of this blog.
Brad Wendes on a photoshoot
I am currently aged 29 (and never going to have another birthday). I started gymnastics at the age of 10, and during my gymnastic career I have had the honour of performing in front of the British Royal Family and held 3 Guinness World Records. (I currently still hold the World Record for most vaults in one hour). I have worked in an around the Fitness industry since taking my first part time job in a gym at the age of 16 and being inspired by a number trainers and instructors.
From here I gained as many coaching qualifications as possible and trained under as many coaches as I could. This huge variety of influences helped shape me into a very well-rounded coach.
Over the years I have worked for a number of large fitness chains in a variety of roles, this really helped give me an insight into the fitness industry. I really found my feet by pursuing a dream of performing Parkour, Free Running and Acrobatics professionally (follow your dreams kids!)
I now run Team Kinetix, a coaching and performance team.
As a performer I have travelled around the world, performed on stage, television and film, even spent some time having literally run away with the circus. I led 'The Free Runners' to the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent in 2007. At present I still perform professionally as well as coaching future stunt performers at a top London Drama School.

In 2009 I purchased a Canon 550D DSLR to take pictures for my website and generally get nice images for promotional purposes. I fell head over heels in love with photography and now have a full studio lighting setup, backdrops and a wide selection of lenses for all situation.
All the time I've spent in front of the camera has really helped develop my skill behind the camera.
I am available for 1:1 coaching, small group training or seminars; I use my wide and varied experience in my own unique approach to training and coaching. Make it fun, make it challenging, make it relevant and make it work!
I am also available for general photographic work, portraiture, actors headshots, family portraits, fitness photography or event photography.

Brad Wendes on Britain's Got Talent 2007
Performing at Newquay Boardmasters 2010

Performing at British Fashion Awards 2008
Brad Wendes 2011
Parkour Training
Performing at Sex & The City World Premiere 2008

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