Thursday, 4 December 2014

New York, New York

It's been a good year for new toys, I've purchased a new Canon 5D mkIII and kept my 7D as a backup camera (it's rarely touched though) I've also bought a few new prime lenses for portraiture.
My standard 'go to' is now the 5D mkIII with the 24-70 f/2.8L on the front of it. 
The low light performance and image quality are superb, the weight and 'feel' of this setup is also perfect for my style of shooting.

This year I also treated myself to the Fujifilm X100S that I've been lusting after for a while but could never really justify buying (see previous article on this).
For anyone who is considering this camera (or the X100T that replaces it) just buy it, now!
This little gem is the ultimate photographers camera, it's for all the character of an old manual 35mm camera with all the quality and flexibility of a modern digital camera. I literally cannot fault this camera and wish that I had bought the damn thing sooner.

This month I travelled to New York City for a long weekend away. I didn't have to pack a lot so decided to take my whole camera bag, complete with DSLRs and lenses. I also took the X100S...

Here's a few pictures taken with the Canon 5D mkIII from my weekend in the city.
(keep scrolling for the X100S pics)

Lower Manhattan - ISO6400
Statue of Liberty - ISO 5000

A bed is a bed 
Well I was happy with the images, I was pleasantly surprised over and over again by the low light performance and the detail captured in the RAW files.

Then I went for a photo walk with nothing but my Fujifilm X100S.
This little camera just feels right in the hands, there's something really pleasing about street photography with this camera. It really is a pleasure to use and has become my favourite camera ever!

Images copyright Brad Wendes 2014

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